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Fequently Asked Questions

A. Why recycle?

B. Choosing a recycler (in New York State).

C. What should I recycle?

D. How should I recycle?

E. Standard pricing

F. Packaging & Palletizing Tips

G. How may I pay for the service?

Why recycle?

It has been estimated by the National Recycling Council that over 400 million computers will be abandoned in 2004 globally, with a growth rate of 30% or more over the next few years.  To date, only about 10% of these computers have been recycled.  The remainder will be land filled or packed in containers and ocean freighted overseas where the rules for recycling have not been developed.  These computers and monitors contain materials that are toxic in their current state, or become toxic when they are land filled (see our Power Point slide presentation “Why Recycle? – Video Presentation”).  At the same time, this overseas shipping sends tons of precious and hard to find metals and other products out of our country.  They are then used as raw materials for new products that are sold back to us at a higher cost.  Recycling also helps to create new jobs here at home.

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Choosing a recycler (in New York State).

The recycler you choose should offer a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) Certificate of Recycling (C7) when your items are brought to the facility.  All items should be recycled at that facility or shipped to another facility with EPA or DEC certification.  There are companies out there that claim that they “recycle” but actually they are “packers” that stuff containers and ship them to China or Pakistan.  Making sure that the wealth is kept in our country, growing a viable recycling industry along with expanding job opportunities.

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What should I recycle?

We are a computer and electronic recycler, so the items we recycle have to be electrical or electronic in nature.  Anything with a printed circuit board or a power switch can be recycled through our facility (with the exception of television sets and microwave ovens, at this time).  Computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, fax machines, cables, modems, cell phones, telephones and telephone devices, stereos, radios, car radios, electric motors, other automotive electronics, etc, are acceptable.  Ask us if you are unsure.


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How should I recycle?

There are many options.  Placing the items in a box and dropping it off at our facility is the easiest and lowest cost.  However, if you have too many items, or they are heavy, you can schedule a pick up of your items for as additional fee.  Providing us a list of the items is helpful in obtaining a quote (see our on-line quotation facility), but not necessary.  Sorting your items is always a good idea and helps us minimize our labor costs and thus our fees.  We are open six days per week (Mon – Sat) and can be easily reached from anywhere in Central New York.  (See our driving directions map and link).

We take all computer and test equipment, working or nonworking.



Commercial, Business or Institutional Rates:

New York State DEC C7 Certificate given to assure that your products are handled according to law.

Computers (CPU’s) All types, towers, desk, etc FREE
Computer monitors LCD flat screen types only. No CRT/tube types FREE
Printers and Fax Machines All varieties $ 0.15 per pound
Copiers Copy machines and other image management Equipment                                       $ 0.15 per pound
Typewriters Manual, electric, etc.  FREE
Home Electronics All types, except as noted below FREE, except TV and monitors
Microwaves   FREE
Laboratory Equipment $0.32 per pound unless it includes items that handled chemicals or other possible toxic materials, then the minimum price needs to be adjusted for additional handling requirements. $ 0.32 per pound
We do not accept:
  1. Television sets of any kind
  2. Monitors with tubes, or CRT’s (the big one's)
  3. Chemicals wet or dry
  4. Loose batteries, Styrofoam, cardboard or paper

Note: Pickup fee 20 mile radius of 13204 $45.00 per pick up per load


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Packaging & Palletizing Tips

  1. Computers (CPU’s)
  2. Computers can be stacked on pallets up to 5 feet tall.  Start with a sheet of cardboard and then layer the CPU’s alternating with sheets of cardboard.  Shrink wrap tightly three times to hold the units together (should hold 45 to 50 CPU’s per pallet).

  3. Monitors
  4. All 14” & 15” monitors should be laid screen down on the pallet. Place a cardboard sheet down first, then layer 3 rows of 3 or 9 to a layer.  On top of this layer place another sheet of cardboard and build another layer.  Keep the four corners at the same level.   Do this three times for a total of 27 monitors per pallet.  Shrink wrap three times tightly to hold the stack in place.

    For 17’ and larger monitors, follow the same pattern, however only 3 rows of 3 will fit on a layer for a total of 18 monitors per pallet.  Place monitors on their sides so that the bases are facing out, and use their cords to help hold them together.  Shrink wrap tightly three times.

  5. Printers
  6. Place larger laser and impact printers on the pallet followed by a cardboard sheet.  Continue to build the layers, filling in open spaces with smaller sized units.  Try to keep the four corners on the same level, and place the smallest units on top.  Shrink wrap three times tightly, and then place cables, power cords and power supplies in a box on the top centered.

  7. Miscellaneous Equipment
  8. For keyboards, mice, other circuit boards, storage devices, and other cables and accessories, fill boxes of the size, up to four or six on a layer on the pallet, up to 5 feet tall, and shrink wrap tightly three times.

If you require assistance in any aspect of the packaging or palletizing effort, we would be glad to offer our assistance for a fixed hourly fee, plus materials.  Ask us for information regarding this requirement.

How may I pay for the service?

All items are weighed or counted when they arrive at our facility.  You will be invoiced according to our standard pricing (unless other arrangements were agreed to in advance) plus New York State Sales Tax (based on the rate in Onondaga County).  If you are Tax Exempt, a current tax exempt certificate should be presented at the time of pick up or delivery.  Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card (on site only), and we accept authorized Purchase order from commercial and institutional clients who have opened charge privileges with us in advance.

Note:              Prices are subject to change. Call or e-mail us for current prices.

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